Hello there. I’m Sarah.

I’m a lover of music that paints pictures, and pictures that tell stories. I’m an avid vegetable gardener, an occasional painter, and a habitual cook. I like to pretend there are no cars or phones and that I ride a horse to your birth. Alas, here I am in the 21st century, but I do have a pinafore.

My pull into the world of women’s health came first through birth, while living a collage of a life in a small farming town 10 years ago. I was studying along the lines of ethnolinguistics, in our tiny transition town, and becoming a mother for the first time. I had long been evolving into a feminist in the details, but suddenly and gradually, my developing understanding of the fabric of functioning culture, the common sense of relocaliztion, and my new experience and perspective as a mother (and a woman who had now encountered women’s healthcare) all came together to be an evolving understanding that not only do women keep the world turning, but that when the absolute autonomy and honoring of women is taken away, everything unravels. And so I became a doula.

I’ve been working as a doula for about 7 years, give or take. In addition I’m an a birth assistant for a few local homebirth midwives, and most recently a student midwife. I’m honored to provide care, companionship, and support across the continuum of reproductive health in the panhandles of Maryland and West Virginia.

I live outside Sharpsburg, MD with my husband and our two fiery girls, on our small but growing homestead.

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