Body literacy is understanding the ebbs and flows of our bodies; the changing of our hormones month after month and their effect on our fertility, our moods, our creativity. We wax and wane like the moon, like the seasons. It has been said: knowledge is power. Understanding our cycles and our bodies’ needs can give us freedom to live in better health and make informed decisions that best suit us, thereby giving us a greater degree of autonomy.

I teach classes here and there but I especially love doing body literacy ladies nights. In addition to chocolate, music, food, wine, and a woodstove or fireplace, these ladies nights include an overview of our reproductive systems and cycles, fertility awareness for birth control or pregnancy achievement, contraception choices, menstrual health, DIY womb and pelvic wellness, cycle specific nutrition, and more.

Additionally, I’m happily do one on one body literacy dates. We sit down and talk about what’s going on, what can be done, and who else you can reach out to. These can be anywhere from fertility awareness and charting, to a range of menstrual/ cycle issues. Hit me up!